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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Cut to the Chase!
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Perhaps you are someone who wants to know how to get girls, or who is lonely, who has lost someone, who longs for someone, or who loves someone that doesn't love you.

Or, you want to reconnect, to rekindle the love and passion that you once enjoyed in a relationship.

Maybe someone you love thinks of you as "just a friend" or, worse yet, they are in love with someone else.

Maybe you just lack the right words to connect with someone you want so intensely,

Then, please read this entire page before deciding to buy a book of Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction poetry! (or just watch the video before you decide to buy)

OMG!!!! This is amazing! Even this sample worked like magic!





How ready are you to create some real Hypno Lust - and get women to do exactly what you want?

Are you interested in learning Seduction Techniques that will make female seduction fun and easy? Tired of not being able to create the desire and passion in a lover that would truly fulfill you? Are you disappointed when your attempts at seduction come up short? Do you want to have some Hypnotic love spells that really work?

"I have four different women telling me that they love me - and I don't mean "love me like a brother", either! Thank you SS and hypnotic poems ... for obvious reasons, please don't use my name."






Then, I would like to suggest that you take a moment - and remember those feelings you had the last time you fell in love - the last time you felt overwhelming passion for someone. How happy would you be when you could recreate those feelings anytime, with anyone you wanted?

Imagine that you could hypnotize them and command their unconscious mind - to easily be seduced by you...

What kind of change will it make in your life when you can secretly hypnotize someone you wanted, then give them the post hypnotic suggestions that would cause them to want you, to need you, to easily be seduced by you?

"I have noticed how positively and seductively they can work on a woman's psyche until she is totally enamored ... Just the other evening I had a woman wanting me so terribly ..."


Or, better yet, imagine having a book with special phrases that acted almost like magic spells that would make that happen almost instantly?  Imagine having these phrases and spells were written in such a way as to be beautiful and beguiling modern love poetry that was erotic as well as persuasive ... would these be great modern love poems for romance ?

And do it in such a way that they never suspect a thing!

Have you ever been so mesmerized by someone, perhaps because they are so attractive, so intriguing, so fascinating, that you find yourself completely absorbed in the conversation?

"Women accept them because of their unobtrusive and romantic nature, without realizing the deep hidden commands that are taking place ..."

Richard G. Butler PhD DD

Perhaps it was their voice, or perhaps it was something you saw when you looked deeply into their eyes.

Whatever it is, something about them has captured your attention so completely that you are totally focused on what they have to say until - suddenly - you know that you will love getting to know them, love finding out what comes next.

Have you thought for a moment ...

What would it be like to have this kind of effect on anyone you want?

That would be a wonderful power to obtain, wouldn't it? Well, guess what... you will have this power and it is as simple as reading them some love poetry.

"The best dating advice for men that I can give would be to get a copy of this book right away, get a woman on the phone and read her some of these poems. Then get ready to spend some very pleasant times together..." 

Phil G

Hypnotic Poems Get Results - Create the State That You Want, When You Want It

For instance, when you want a romantic modern love poem to impress a beautiful woman, should you read a love poem to her telling her how hot she is? How much more impressed will she be when you have convinced her that you are someone who looks beyond her surface appearance and speaks directly to the beautiful person she is inside?

How much more effective will it be when you create beautiful feelings inside her, feelings that she will associate with you? The hypnotic induction "Truly See" on page 29 is designed to do just that.

"Women, in general, are very open to poetic language in the first place, so they are already conditioned to receive an undertone of erotic and sensual messages ..."

Richard G. Butler PhD, DD

Do you want to find a falling in love induction that helps to create the feelings of safety and desire in her that will make it easy for her to be seduced by you? A falling in love induction that leads her to imagine that you are exactly the lover that she has always been looking for ... "Coming to Love" and "Will I Know You" both will program her unconscious to do exactly that.

What about reading her a sexy, erotic modern love poem that helps her remember and experience internally, the body sensations she associates with that passion and desire - a hypnotic induction that slyly gets her visualizing intimate and sexy scenes with you? The hypnotic induction "Manzana" on page 15 is designed to do just that.

"I felt the poetry had a very seductive and luring quality to it."


Have you ever known someone who didn't want to "get involved" with you because they were still heartbroken from a previous love affair? Imaginr that there were a hypnotic induction that helped her get over her broken heart, get past her trust issues and at the same time help her to believe that you are the one they are destined to love? The hypnotic induction "Healing" on page 35 is designed to do just that.

"I used it on a friend and [it affected her so much] she cried."


Do you know a woman that thinks you are "not her type"? Could you challenge her with a forbidden love poem that makes her believe that you have always been lovers? Would it be helpful for her to think of you in this way: Then you need to reprogram her unconscious using "Another Time" on Page 37 and "To Truly See".

Or, do you need a love breakup hypnotic induction that gives closure to both you and your lover and leaves both of you with positive feelings about what happened? Then read her the hypnotic induction titled "Locket on page 38.

"Thank you very much! ... they are very good."


These romantic love hypnotic inductions will capture and lead her imagination, will guide her to the states of mind and emotion that she longs to feel.And when you can do that, you become associated in her mind with those states and emotions ... and she will come to have very positive feelings about you.

"It touched my heart ... I love poetry and I would read it all day, everyday."


As you read this table of contents you will begin to realize the breadth and depth of the influence that buying this book will give you over your lover ...

Table of Contents with Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction MP3 Audio:

Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions
by Phil Billitz
Table of Contents
Foreword i
Ocean Sunset (click for MP3) 1
Sublimity 4
Milonguero 5
Moment of Grace 7
Right Now (click for MP3) 9
In an Instant 10
Clarity 12
Unvalentine 14
Manzana 15
The Difference 18
Certainly 21
How Will I Know You? 23
Reciprocity 25
Touch 27
To Truly See 29
Lion and the Rose 31
Pegasus 33
Healing 35
Another Time (click for MP3) 37
Locket 38


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This Couldn't Possibly Work, Could it?

That's probably what you are thinking. After all, don't you need years of training and a gold watch to swing in front of someone's eyes in order to hypnotize them?

"I might have been skeptical at first, had I not known from personal experience the powerful affects that NLP has on the listener."

Richard G. Butler PhD DD

The stereotypical image of a hypnotist that you see in the movies and on television is only one of many misconceptions about the reality of hypnosis - especially the covert hypnosis techniques used in this Seduction Poetry. Read on to find out what modern hypnosis is really all about.

History of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Milton Erickson

Milton Erickson

Milton Erickson

Milton Erickson was an American psychiatrist specializing in medical hypnosis and family therapy. He was founding president of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis and a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychopathological Association.  

Modern hypnosis really marks it's beginning with Milton Erickson. Erickson was a master therapist and probably the most famous and most effective hypnotist in the history of psychology.

He used deceptively simple language techniques to take people into and out of hypnotic trance, and to create immediate, dramatic changes in their beliefs and behavior just by talking to them.

At first his techniques weren't accepted by the medical and psychological community, and his success and that of his students have established him as a pioneer in the field.

And these techniques today are known as Conversational Hypnosis, Covert Hypnosis, or Street Hypnosis.

Bandler, Grinder and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

In the 1980's, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) was created  by  Dr. John Grinder and Richard Bandler on the campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz. Working together, the pair invented techniques to model people who were experts in their field, and taught people how to achieve results just like the masters.

One of the people they modeled was Milton Erickson, and the result was Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) - the most incredibly powerful change technology known to psychology.NLP has helped thousands of people change their beliefs and their lives by overcoming Shyness, Procrastination, Fear and Doubt, Lack of Confidence, Test Anxiety, Fear of Public Speaking, and even get rid of the devastating effects of childhood trauma. 

NLP produces  powerful shifts in attitudes and behavior in a matter of minutes.  People from all over the world studied and have utilized their techniques.  One of these students was Tony Robbins. Today, you see him on infomercials as the self-help guru of the world; and his roots were solidly based in NLP.

Another of their students was Ross Jeffries, creator of Speed Seduction™.

Hypnosis, NLP and Seduction - the first seduction gurus

In the 1990's Ross Jeffries combined the techniques of Erickson, Bandler, and Grinder (and a lot of field work!) into a powerful system to pick up, romance and seduce women known as Speed Seduction™. His techniques do not depend on begging, bullying, or buying a woman's affections - they instead use NLP to capture and lead her imagination.

Ross Jeffries Ross Jeffries


Ross Jeffries literally wrote the book and developed the techniques of Speed Seduction ™ - using hypnosis and NLP patterns to capture and lead the imagination of women. To create the feelings and emotions that allow a guy to seduce them quickly, efficiently, and predictably.

He also used NLP techniques to help men overcome whatever psychological barriers they had that were preventing them from success with women.

One of the people that contributed greatly to Ross's seminars and products was Mark Cunningham - a trained hypo-therapist who has since gone on to develop an entire curriculum for training, testing and certifying professional hypnotists.

Mark was instrumental in the development of many of Hypnosis and NLP based dating and seduction methods that have allowed so many guys who are neither rich, famous, or good-looking to become wildly successful with women.

Very controversial, and very effective techniques

Their work was ground-breaking and very controversial. Many condemned it manipulative and Ross's persona and provocative style added fuel to the fire. and, their undeniable success with using NLP and Hypnosis in seduction has created a seduction subculture with many imitators teaching guys "how to get laid".

No matter what you think of their packaging of the material, they developed several key concepts that are very powerful indeed:

  1. Falling in love is a process during which someone moves through a series of mental and/or emotional states in a predictable way.
  2. By describing a process (like falling in love) to someone in a particular way, you can cause that person to go through those states and experience that process just as if it had happened to them "naturally".
  3. By telling stories or directing a conversation using special language "patterns", you can describe any process you want and move a person through that process and have them end up in the emotional state you desire (think "lust").

Hypnosis, NLP and Poetry

Although Ross and Mark and many other of the seduction "gurus" recommend using Seduction Poetry and quotes for seduction, they rarely gave examples of the kind of poems to use.

Because there just are not many examples of this kind of Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction Poetry around!

And, although their NLP system definitely works, many people have trouble getting results quickly because of the time it takes to master the delivery and structure of the language patterns.

Walt Whitman wrote Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction Poetry?

James Whitlark, PhD (Texas Tech University) and Lynn Whitlark wrote the extremely insightful article, Poetry as Hypnosis: An Ericksonian Approach to "Song of the Open Road" in which they call attention to similarities between Ericksonian hypnosis and Whitman's poetry.

They were fascinated by Whitman's "simultaneous opening of poetry and the mind by way of hypnotic techniques" and noted his use of Pacing, Ambiguity, Multiple Negations, Universal Quantifiers, Embedding Presuppositions, Paradoxes, Hidden Suggestions, and other hypnotic techniques in that work.

Except for that, there really is not much out there about the combination of NLP and poetry, especially love poetry.

Until now!

Because these are precisely the same techniques that are used in writing all the love poetry in "Hypnopoetics ..."

"I am absolutely convinced that this beautiful technique works, being a writer of love and sensual poetry anyway, and to use these techniques only firmly cements the intentions deeper into the woman's subconscious mind, that she doesn't realize what is happening, and it is happening nonetheless ..."

Richard G. Butler PhD, DD

You already know Love Poetry Works - so think about this:

If you agree that traditional, modern or classical love poetry works (and you do!) then you will realize that this is love poetry with an unfair advantage. It has the power to capture the heart and mind of the one you desire.

"When I read one of the poems to a woman, she is always pleased and charmed and thinks of me as a very romantic guy. When I read two of them, she definitely starts getting into it ... . I have never read three or more of these to a woman without ... a follow-up date." 

Ed B

Here are a few of the ways in which you will have the awesome power of Hypnopoetics love poetry working for you:

  • When you read Love Poetry to someone, it immediately sets you apart as a sensitive, intelligent person knows how to be romantic and how to please a lover.

  • The hypnotic inductions do the hypnosis and plant the post-hypnotic suggestions, so you don't have to know a thing about hypnosis.

  • Because these hypnotic inductions are written with specific meter, rhythm and rhyming, because they will induce a light trance and enhance suggestibility in the listener, you will find them extremely easy and fun to use.

  • You remain blameless if for some reason they don't like the Seduction Poetry. (I guess this could happen :-( although it has never happened to me.) After all - you didn't write it or say it - you were just quoting what the author has written.

  • You will be able to slide right in past any resistance by their conscious mind because they will be listening with their guard down. And the author is the authority that they will unconsciously obey.

"They are amazing, and so much fun to read as well, which is another factor that adds to the subliminal message ..."

Richard G. Butler PhD, DD

And for all students of Speed Seduction ™, there are additional reasons this romantic Seduction Poetry makes a wonderful addition to your seduction toolset - and your immediate success:

  • Have you ever had trouble memorizing or saying the Speed Seduction ™ Patterns? Then using Hypnotic Language Patterns disguised as love poetry in these Hypnopoems is perfect for you. They are fast and easy to use so you hit the ground running.

  • Have you ever felt like the patterns "just weren't me" or that "I don't talk like that - she will suspect I am up to something"? Because you don't have to pretend that the words are yours you don't ever have to worry about being 'busted'.

  • Have you ever been repeatedly interrupted by a HB when you are trying to get all the way through a long pattern? People have been trained not to interrupt when you are reading poetry to them. Gotten thrown off because you can't keep the conversation going in the right direction? With these hypnotic inductions, they have to listen to the whole pattern with all the imbedded commands and suggestions.

  • Have you ever wasted time and money trying to get someone to feel for you the way you have always wanted? This Seduction Poetry is efficient - you can start using patterns based on Speed Seduction ™ as soon as you download the book - you don't have to practice for weeks, just call someone on the phone and start reading.

  • Eliminate the work of memorizing patterns - It is not only acceptable, and almost expected that you will read a poem to someone from a book, word for word. Although you can and should memorize several of the most effective hypnotic inductions to have ready at any time you can take your time with that.

  • After the number close - Have you ever got a number from someone and now you don't know what to say when you call her? Now, you will always have something to say that will impress her and move her in the right direction when you get a number close. You get a jump start on the seduction.

  • Click Here to listen to what one of my eBook customers has to say about the Hypnotic Poems (actual customer -short excerpt from a phone interview!)

If this does work, is it right to manipulate people like that?

One of my favorite sayings is that when someone doesn't want to dance like a chicken, then no amount of hypnosis in the world is going to get them scratching around in the dirt.

and, people do want to fall in love, people do want to have the feelings that this love poetry creates in them.

And, the fact is, that when you create effects like this in someone, far from feeling manipulated, they feel deep gratitude (and other, more intimate feelings) as you will see below.

"Thank you for these beautiful poems! I really feel the messages originate for your heart center and express the depth of such truths and beauty. You somehow summed up the deepest part of my emotions and feelings ... in ways that I myself had a hard time to verbalize. I read the poems and my heart is touched ... thank you!"

Shuntena O

If you pay close attention, you may realize that these techniques are used every day in the messages that are coming at you from salespeople, marketers, and even politicians.

It is the language of influence and when applied to love poetry it is just as powerful and a whole lot more beautiful. So, use this tool wisely - and in a way that will make life better not only for yourself, and also for the people you share it with.

This is all about You

Or rather all about the person you are seducing. Which after all is all about getting what you want. Which is after all, all about you! Get it? Here's what I mean:

Unlike modern poems that are about how quirky, intelligent, witty or sensitive the author might be, this Seduction Poetry is all about the listener - their memories, feelings, emotions and experiences. The hypnotic inductions connect deeply with everyone, because people, at their core, want to be understood.

"... thank you very much for your wonderful work of poetry. I will certainly have a great time reading it, and sharing it with my lady friends ..."


And unlike Love Poetry that is written from the Point of View of someone who is sappy, whiny, needy, begging or stupid for love; this Seduction Poetry comes from a place of inner strength.

It positions you as someone who is strong, yet vulnerable; aggressive, and not pushy, and understanding without being dependent on the listener's feelings toward you.

What are the odds of someone falling in love with you this week?

Studies have shown that up to 25% of the population is extremely susceptible to hypnosis. Stage hypnotists take advantage of this by determining who in the audience will be a good subject, then selecting them for the demonstrations.

Because almost everyone wants love and passion in their life and because at least one in four of them is very susceptible and because you will quickly learn to recognize and select those people, you can feel confident this romantic Seduction Poetry will work for you.

"I read a half dozen of these poems to a mixed audience of about forty people. By the time I finished, half of the women in the room had their eyes closed with dreamy looks on their faces and almost all of them were smiling. And the guys were looking back and forth from me to the women wondering what was going on ..." 

Stan B

So, I'm not saying this Seduction Poetry will work on everyone, there are people who are so lacking in imagination and trust that they won't get it. Those people probably wouldn't be very good as a lover, anyway.

And when only one in four responds, that is soooo much better than how you are doing now, isn't it? Do you really want to lose out on all those possibilities? I don't think so, do you?

So the Question is ...

Are you serious about having love, passion and connection in your life or not?

Some people are able to recognize a powerful tool when they see it. For other people it just becomes another missed opportunity - they never decide now to take action and get what they want.

Maybe they think they don't deserve happiness or that it's not worth the investment of a few dollars and some time to change their life for the better.

How you want to live your life? It's always up to you, and what you are willing to do to get what you want.

Think about it - would it be worth the price of a dinner out to have these powerful, sneaky, tools to use over and over again?

Why should you pay when the classics are free?

Of course, you could continue to use the classic Love Poetry of the Romantic Poets in your search for romance. Just buy a Penguin's Classics for a few bucks at a used book store and take a shot.

"I used to think there is no point to buy new poems- we have tons of great classics, why should pay for the work by somebody unknown? Phil's work gave me the answer: because they bring you a new pleasure you never imagined! His wording is elegantly sensual, and breathtaking - echoing like instruments in an orchestra that stimulate your imagination endlessly ..."

K.K., Tokyo

Those poems are classic for a reason - wonderful Love Poetry that has been effective at creating 'the mood' for years. and they are the work and thoughts of "dead poets" - not modern love poetry written for today.

"If one reads from the bards of old, we also see some very erotic imagery there ... not laced with as much hypnotic language as NLP ... erotic poems."

Richard G. Butler PhD DD

You know that the classics are effective. Think how much more effective, erotic, and compelling Seduction Poetry would be if it were consciously designed to captivate, cultivate, and command someone's unconscious mind to do what you wanted them to do.

You don't have to buy my book

Although it is pretty much the only one like it that you will find.

I do expect and anticipate that there will be other people imitating this technique as time goes on, for right now, This is a One of a Kind Work - the Only One Like It Anywhere!

If you find anything like it, let me know - I'm always happy to learn from people who are like you and me - people who want to be able to create the magic of romance on command.

Besides, when you buy and use my book you might end up feeling greater satisfaction with your love life and you wouldn't want that would you?

You can always keep doing what you have been doing and keep getting the same results. Or ...

Why not just do it yourself?

You could learn hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming on your own, then convert all those language patterns into love poetry. That's what I did. I'll even tell you how:

It took me several years of studying Hypnosis and NLP, plus many years of experience writing not only Love Poetry, and award-winning radio spots for political campaigns to develop the concepts and techniques I use in this Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction Poetry.

At a minimum you would have to purchase the Basic Speed Seduction ™ Home Study Course from Ross Jeffries ($298) to get the structure and hear the original verbal versions of the "patterns" that are used.

Plus you would want to attend at least one seminar with Ross or Mark Cunningham ($1195 or more) to understand how to deliver the patterns.

Then you would have to practice, practice, practice to get them memorized and deliver them correctly.

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't buy those products. You should Do It - I did and those products are great. Why not skip the time and expense of all of that and get into action with delivering NLP seduction patterns immediately?

Simply download this book and start reading the romantic Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction Poetry to whoever you desire - you will see how well these patterns work and immediately start to enjoy the kind of relationships you have always wanted (and deserved!).

Get What You Want Now!

"Hypnopoetics ...Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions"

hypnotic poetry | hypnotic seduction

Even those of you who are already wonderful poets and, like me, have been writing for years, getting the hypnosis, Speed Seduction ™ and NLP training necessary to write this kind of Seduction Poetry is time-consuming and can be very expensive to do on your own.

For instance, in order to learn the language patterns you will find in this book, you would have to sign up for a Speed Seduction ™ Home Study Course which would cost you


Plus you would have to attend at least one (preferably more) seminars on conversational hypnosis to understand how to structure and deliver hypnotic inductions. Prices for these seminars are typically around:


That's an investment of almost $1500, not counting travel expenses and the value of your time and effort. and, you have an instant opportunity that will save you hundreds of dollars off the price of doing it on your own.

This package includes the complete eBook (save a tree) as a downloadable PDF file (save a tree), plus the Bonuses listed below. Your net investment today is only:



Use Your Debit Card, Credit Card, or PayPal Account to Download the Complete eBook and Bonuses Immediately:




Important Note: After providing your purchase info, you will automatically be taken to a download page where you can immediately download your eBook and bonuses. The eBooks and Guides are in PDF format and can be viewed or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Extremely Important Note: Your credit card or bank statement will show a charge by ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM and may not reference this specific eBook or my name!

Privacy Policy

Customer Service - Toll Free 877-253-769

Some very important things you should know:

Please read this carefully

Lock in the following bonus downloads by ordering by midnight tonight. You owe it to yourself to have all the tools - you need - to successfully enjoy all those wonderful moments and come to the place where romance is back in your life.

Bonus #1 - "Seducer's Guide to Hypnopoetics"

As a second bonus, I will send you an extra item that you will find very interesting and useful. I have a work in progress, tentatively titled: "Seducer's Guide to Hypnopoetics".

Imagine having a Reader's Guide to the Hypnopoems that you will be using to decide which hypnotic induction to read depending on the stage of the relationship you are in.

I have to be honest, there is a catch ... so far this is definitely a "work in progress". By that I mean that not all the hypnotic inductions are analyzed and I have not finalized the formatting or presentation style.

Once all that is complete, I will be offering it as a companion product to the books above with separate pricing for the Guide. However, because other readers have convinced me this will be of tremendous value to you, I want you to be able to have it right away.

So, when you buy "Hypnopoetics... Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" right now, you will have the option to sign up for the current version of the "Seducer's Guide ..."

Bonus #1

"The Seducer's Guide to Hypnopoetics" - The Secrets of Hypnopoems Revealed

No matter where you are - in the very early stages of a relationship, already intimate, or ready to close it out and move on, "Hypnopoetics..." contains Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction Poetry that you can use to create the desired emotional states for you.

With the "Seducer's Guide", not only will you be able to know instantly which hypnotic induction to use - this Guide also reveals the NLP and hypnosis techniques being used in each of the Hypnopoems.

You will learn for each hypnotic induction:

  • The purpose of the hypnotic induction - what beliefs and behavior it programs
  • Relationship Phase where the hypnotic induction should be used
  • The doorways to the subconscious the hypnotic induction opens:
    • Body sensations
    • Emotional connections
    • Guided visualizations
    • Eliciting deep belief structures and values
  • Which of the Speed Seduction ™ patterns is equivalent to the hypnotic induction
  • A list of hypnotic commands imbedded in the poem

(Value: $29.95)

The form to sign up for this Guide will only be available to those who complete the purchase of "Hypnopoetics... Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" right now. It is not available any other way.

You don't have to sign up for this free offer, you can wait a month or so and buy it as a completely developed product. When you are one of the people who purchase "Hypnopoetics..." today, you can can sign up to receive it right away. A $29.95 Value.

Bonus #2 - "Can You Remember a Time..." - the "sanitized" version of the Hypnopoems

So, perhaps you want to share the poems with someone, and don't want them to know that you were using the hypnotic tricks and techniques that are built into "Hypnopoetics...". Maybe you don't want them to think there is anything hypnotic about the poetry at all.

What if they say, "That was a wonderful poem, I love the way it made me feel! Would you email it to me?" Does that mean you are busted?

No, because, as a Bonus, I will provide you with another version of the eBook, entitled "Can You Remember a Time...". This version has no mention of Hypnosis or NLP, and does include some wonderful photographs matched to the hypnotic inductions.

Share it when you need a "sanitized" version that is a wonderful book in and of itself. I have been selling this separately on another website, and when you Act Now you can have it at no additional cost to you. A $49.95 value.

Bonus #2

"Can You Remember a Time..." - the "Sanitized" Version of My Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction Poetry

This eBook is a version of the Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction Poetry that combines beautiful photographic images with the poetry. It does not mention Hypnosis, NLP, or seduction at all.

"Can You Remember a Time..." is included as a Bonus when you purchase "Hypnopoetics... Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" today.

It has all of the same inductions, with a lot of very cool photographs added, and presented as just another book of romantic poetry. How sneaky is that???

(Value: $49.95)

Bonus #3 - "Hypnopoetics...Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" - the Audio Book of Hypnopoems

By acting today, you will also get the comple Audio book of Hypnopoems. Also immediately available for download. You can listen to the individual poems or the entire collection in sequence.

I recorded this audio book because many of my readers wanted to hear the specific pacing, tonality, emphasis and rhythm that I use when reading the hypnopoems for maximum hypnotic effect.

And lots of women have been requesting this as a separate product that they listen to for the enjoyment and relazation of the erotic hypnotic trance state that they enter as they are listening now to the hypnotic.

For now, the only way to get the Audio Book is as a bonus (at no additional cost to you) when you order the "Hypnopoetics...Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" eBook. A $39.95 value.

Bonus #3

"Hypnopoetics...Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" - an MP3 Audio Book of Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction Poetry

This audio book contains MP3 recordings of all of the Hypno poems.Use it as a supplement to the "Seducer's Guide" to understand the way the poems should be read or recited for maximum hypnotic effect.

Or, women listening to it can enter trace state and enjoy erotic hypnosis. Think how effective this could be to have your lady spend a little time listening to this before you get together. Guaranteed to relax her and put her "in the mood" instantly.

(Value: $39.95)

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My Promise to You

I Guarantee have a very simple promise to make to you. If "Hypnopoetics ...Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" is not everything I've said it is, and for any reason it does not transform your love life into a new and powerful experience filled with opportunities and successes, you can ask for a full and complete refund.

You've got 60 days to think about it, from the date you download now. That should give you plenty of time to use all of the love poetry and to experience what it is like to capture the heart of someone special. And to use some of the invaluable bonus material as well.

Does that sound fair enough? I hope you think so, because I've been told it's more than fair.

If you honestly believe you’re not succeeding with the Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction Poetry, you get your money back. Simple as that. Just ask.


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One other thing I feel compelled to tell you about:

Speed Seduction™ Students Note - Please read this carefully

Although they are a source of great inspiration to me, as far as I know, neither Ross Jeffries nor Mark Cunningham have read, endorsed or authorized this work in any way. It is a tool created in the same spirit, that uses the same technology and provides an unbelievably rapid way to master the delivery of hypnotic language patterns.

As such, you will find it extremely useful in getting the romance and passion in your life that you really want - whether you are a student of Speed Seduction ™ or just someone who is ready, now, to enhance your romance beyond your previous expectations.

I always stand here with the simple goal of your success. I've worked hard to make it apparent to you that there is a big change coming in your life by using this modern love poetry. Please, don't miss this opportunity.

Helping you get what you really want...

P.S. Click Here to listen to what one of my eBook customers has to say about the Hypnotic Poems (actual customer -short excerpt from a phone interview!)

P.P.S.Here is a recent testimonial from a Speed Seduction Student:

"I have been reading these [hypno poems] with great results. I found your website while looking for something related to Ross Jeffries.

I really like the 'Seducer's Guide' because of the way you catagorize everything in the diagrams. It's a great comparison to Ross Jeffries patterns which I'm studying so hard and diligently.

The poems are an easy way to overcome having to memorize the patterns (for now), and this has accelerated things for me. I love reading the poems !!!!

Phil, I'm so glad I bought this from you. I love how you totally modeled this after SS. This is perfect thanks again !!!!




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